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Pharmacists’ Position with the Repurposing Medication since the Contraceptives

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Pharmacists’ Position with the Repurposing Medication since the Contraceptives

The fresh new audio recordings was basically transcribed towards in depth explanations of interviews and focus category conversations. The concept off prepared decisions (TpB) (18) offered construction getting interpreting study regarding the FGDs and you may interview. According to theory, human decisions try led by the around three kinds of considerations: values in regards to the more than likely outcomes of the fresh new behavior additionally the studies ones outcomes, (behavioural thinking); thinking throughout the normative expectations of anyone else and determination in order to adhere to such traditional (normative philosophy), and philosophy regarding the presence out of circumstances that will helps otherwise decrease performance of one’s decisions, in addition to observed power of these issues (control viewpoints). IA, KK, and NK analyzed the fresh instructions, investigation from focus teams, and you will interview then create a beneficial codebook comprising deductive and you can inductive requirements. Deductive requirements have been centered on key things managed into the interviews while you are inductive rules was in fact according to emergent themes. All of the study analysis try complete by IA and you can KK using Atlas.Ti (adaptation 8). Studies was by themselves coded following chatted about to address inconsistencies otherwise conflicts inside programming.


The research put study of FGD having 17 people and you will seven male undergraduate pupils. The female student students was basically an average of 22-years of age, solitary no children, and you can mainly (letter = 12; 70%) into the a romantic relationship. The average age student people was also twenty-two-years; all guys was indeed single when you are half of her or him (letter = 4) was from inside the a partnership. Relative to constructs of one’s TpB (18), the results explain students’ expertise in contraception, methods of contraceptives, way to obtain information on contraceptives, and you will types of contraceptives they utilized.

Types of Contraceptives Utilized

FGD members discussed various methods off contraceptives. Most of them mentioned ways of contraceptives which might be distinct from the known natural otherwise modern contraceptives.

Repurposing Pharmaceuticals

Users said repurposing pharmaceuticals (e.grams., laxatives and you may antibiotics) as contraceptives. The students stated around three particular pharmaceuticals (i.age., laxatives, antimalarial, and antibiotic) that offered due to the fact contraceptives.

My buddy told you she requires Andrews Liver Salts in advance of having sex. She leaves they inside liquids and you can beverages they. Since after you take in it and you have gender in addition to boy ejaculates, the new jizz can no longer mode as the Andrews Liver Salt your taken can make the brand new sperm poor. (Female FGD)

I have a nurse pal that is hitched. She used to let me know that minute she had intercourse, she would bring white Quinine although it made the woman drowsy. She’d get that tablet after she had intercourse. (Male FGD)

You decide to go (to a drugstore) and you may say I’d like Ampiclox. Many people carry it for attacks, it can also behave as a birth prevention. The majority of people (pharmacists/pharmacy technicians) will know what you should use it getting (Women FGD)

I’ve analyzed away from supplement C also. Ahead of the several months take a couple pills off white nutritional C, it generates your tunnel acid. Therefore, when he (one) happens your, they (acid tunnel) will surely eliminate the cum. (Female FGD)

Simultaneously, a residential district pharmacist described just how certain girls could use particular medication intentionally because of their additional characteristics mainly because drugs has a side effectation of ultimately causing miscarriage.

Younger female are mostly expecting currently and they state they will have already been informed to take specific procedures to cancel the new pregnancy…And a few once they simply take so it, it does clean out any enhancement otherwise pregnancy from just how many days – they don’t care and attention. At this type of point it are, they simply need to get eliminate the fresh new maternity. (Pharmacist # 2)

As an instance, an early on woman regarding school focus class mentioned exactly how Misoprostol, a pills having stomach ulcer, can be put to have abortion. Which new member, although not, cannot identify if the effectation of which procedures were to avoid conception otherwise end an existing pregnancy.

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