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I pointed out it prior to, however, I’ll recite it because it’s essential!

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I pointed out it prior to, however, I’ll recite it because it’s essential!

Zero Minors

When the a beneficial chica doesn’t have a good “cedula” that’s whatever they phone call the newest Federal ID about Dominican Republic, then cannot chat to this lady. Ignorance is not a justification from the attention of the rules.

Extremely hotels will need the fresh new girl’s ID just before she goes to your room, but never go searching to own ways arounds because you fulfilled a great stunning chica whom forgot the woman ID Introvert dating apps free in the home for the Santo Domingo. You’ll find men taking this type of odds, but there is in addition to individuals who enjoy Russian roulette. Should you get trapped, you might be banged, maybe not well worth using the options!

Zero Nudes

Do not need naked photos otherwise video clips. It’s illegal which will make pornography in the Dominican Republic. We both split this laws, once the screw they, but if you would, be mindful. Do not become powering here and you may post naked (or even low-nude) photo with regards to confronts inside them.

Inside country, unless you encourage them to sign a production, they’ve the image. Whenever they catch you before you can log in to your own airline, otherwise after you go back next time, this may easily be a $20,100 USD shakedown about cops.


Personally can’t stand to haggle to the females. I like to get numbers of any lady I think his gorgeous, versus asking all other concerns, next struck up a discussion, and you may I am ready to invest in some thing up to $5,100000 Pesos ($one hundred USD), even when it’s normally shorter.

I ask them how much cash they need, immediately after which ask them what it boasts. They will certainly always say, “sexo y dental”, hence I’m sure you could potentially determine what that implies, and you can I’ll have them prove if it is oral in the place of a beneficial condom, whenever I can breasts on their deal with.

Section becoming I do not haggle over rate, however, I make sure these include willing to manage the thing i wanted, when the I’m expenses them for their greatest asking price. I understand the majority of all of you enjoys sense, so i don’t want to feel condescending, but in Sosua specifically, things such as oral as opposed to a beneficial condom, rimjobs, facials, eating, an such like. are not believed are the main service.

Earliest provider might possibly be dental which have a condom to own a little if you are, 2 or three ranking maximum, and find yourself in a rush. When you wanted over that, discuss for this beforehand. For individuals who really want to be sure an enjoyable experience, negotiate for this at start, after that spending some time that have products along with her to each other flake out the woman up-and generate connection.

Normal Females

There isn’t any including issue since the regular women inside the Sosua. New bartenders, the waitresses, the girls functioning within supermarket, they’re all of the readily available. Because this lady has a beneficial uniform towards the does not always mean she won’t give you the lady count and you will shag you to have $forty or $50 USD.

Bartenders, etc. are much more choosy then your hookers working on the street, therefore I am not claiming it’s automatic; but never think you came across good woman in Sosua, they will not occur. Never tube good girls away from Puerto Plata and you may predict them to reach the accommodation during the Sosua. In the event that she is ready to reach Sosua and see your, she actually is not a good girl.

Most readily useful circumstances scenario was the woman is probably a semi-specialist, that would they in the event that opportunity strikes; probably scenario she resides in Puerto Plata and you can did not have money to come to Sosua, but while the she’s a sure bet, she is lent money from some one and you will and come up with the lady way down. Whenever she actually is finished with you, she will getting strolling the new roads.

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