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Advertisements themes to have eating, dinners and products

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Advertisements themes to have eating, dinners and products

Abilities and you may Talk

Within point, we very first introduce a standard description of your ads, their venue, in addition to head themes discerned. On reason for so it research, we focus on merely a few towns–rural communities and their close quick otherwise supplementary ways, and you may metropolitan locations in addition to their close dominating tracks. Intermediate otherwise peri-urban locations aren’t treated contained in this study. For every single theme try displayed and you will, in which related, a photo illustrating the brand new motif emerges. Every so often, short-term and you can personally related comments are formulated on the a certain theme that have a very comprehensive comments looking after. Since the found below, templates have been manifest in a different way within the rural against. urban adverts, with respect to things upon which the fresh ads had been placed, sorts of food or drink stated, the option and you may regularity off appeals, the latest tactics used additionally the definitions shown.

General breakdown off advertising

I assessed a hundred more ads getting junk foods, snack food and you will drinks, and additionally 53 regarding rural portion and you can 47 from urban areas (Desk step one). Outlying adverts was in fact mostly getting beverages, followed by products. Within the outlying elements, fast food ads were not viewed, likely because of the diminished such establishments into the rural options. On the other hand, in cities in which junk foods restaurants was basically discovered, metropolitan ads comprised mostly out-of processed foods ads to have strings or franchise small-services food and you will alone-had stores, followed closely by treat and you will beverage ads. A supplementary 21 images, away from both rural and you will metropolitan towns, was indeed examined to help discern perhaps not the fresh new thematic blogs but rather the new graphic framework of your attempt. These types of a lot more photos/advertisements tended to show non-eating photos — such as for instance smoke factors, mobile telephones and you can medicines–placed in romantic distance into the restaurants or drink ads of appeal. It larger graphic perspective bolstered our very own knowledge of the perspective from the fresh advertisements in addition to recognition of just one major motif–particularly, modern–in the as well as drink advertisements interesting.

Context away from rural and urban advertisements

On rural villages, adverts was basically released generally for the walls out-of brief regional locations where local residents ordered household essentials and spoke that have residents, and kids bought food. Adverts was in fact as well as mounted on woods around the store, however, advertisements fundamentally were with the store wall, clustered around the fundamental windows, appearing like an octopus, distribute their tentacles across the wall surface. There clearly was visible motivation having post positioning to draw desire–as so much more main, just as much as on eye level, for a larger monitor, having alot more vision-finding images otherwise image, or to highlight a less expensive price than just competition. The latest villagers, mostly farm-professionals and their people were area of the audience toward adverts. (More document step one).

Because so many some one drove otherwise grabbed vehicles within and you may amongst the head city of San Salvador and you can reduced towns such as for instance Santa Ana, the fresh advertising had been essentially put along the way of your fundamental rural-metropolitan courses-into large roadside billboards anywhere between urban centers, as well as on all the way down billboards on places where the traffic try reduced. Certain advertising had been constant towards a series out of billboards. Advertising had been especially common around major urban intersections, in which they might be viewed over the guests and you may seen getting a longer time if you’re waiting in the a beneficial stoplight. (Extra document dos).

7 preferred templates came up off considering the latest appeals of one’s ads (Dining table dos). The benefits and acquisition of your own templates are calculated according to the general frequency out-of appearance of a particular theme regarding the total test from adverts. The most frequent layouts, believed becoming the most important, were: Cheap Rate, Fast, High and you may Modern. Other templates was in fact popular in conjunction with such primary or frequent templates: Drink, Sports/Nationalism, Gender and you may sex roles, Fun/Delighted attitude, Loved ones, Friendship and you will Community, and you can Wellness.

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